The prayer of Dozulé on the hill.

Légende : The prayer of Dozulé on the Hill.

Daily prayer of Dozulé

The followers believe that Jesus revealed to Madeleine Aumont that the faithful are to recite this prayer every day, beginning with the Sign of the Glorious Cross:

"Tell the people here to say with you the prayer I have taught them, followed by a decade of the rosary :

Jesus of Nazareth has triumphed over death. His Reign is eternal. He is coming to conquer the world and time.

1. Mercy, my God, on those who blaspheme You :

forgive them, they know not what they do.

2. Mercy, my God, for the scandal of the world :

deliver them from the spirit of Satan,

3. Mercy, my God, on those who run away from You :

give them appreciation for the Holy Eucharist.

4. Mercy, my God, on those who will come repentant to the Glorious Cross :

may they find there Peace and Joy in God Our Saviour.

5. Mercy, my God, so that your Kingdom may come,

but save souls, there is still time... for the time is drawing near, see, I am coming... Amen. Come, Lord Jesus."

Jesus quietly recited the decade of the rosary with Madeleine, who waited for each Hail Mary, and who wrote : "It was so moving to say the rosary with Jesus, that I had never said it before so slowly." Then Jesus said :

"Lord, pour out on the whole world the treasures of Your infinite Mercy."

This promise was by Jesus Himself to His instrument on March 28th 1975 at Dozulé. Jesus promises that each household which says that prayer dayly whith great confidence, will be protected from every cataclysm, and that he will pour HIS DIVINE MERCY into hearts.

"You are my friends, if you do what I command you !"